Define populations to compare

Got more than two populations to compare? No problem!

You have the option to compare up to five at the same time. When selecting these populations, all your questions and their answer items will be displayed. You can assign any variable to a population, even several.

For example, if you want to compare your results by the age of respondents, your population 1 can include “under 18” as well as “18-24” and your population 2 can include "55-64" and “over 65”.

Once you've configured your populations, you can start your analysis.

Analyse their results side by side

To help you to view your results in a more accessible way, each of your populations will be assigned a colour.

For each question and each answer item, the number of individuals by population who have chosen this item and their percentage will be given. Discover more details by hovering over the image with your mouse.

To use it, go to your dashboard. Choose a study currently taking place or for which collection has already finished then click on “Define a population” in the “comparison” section.

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