Scenarios make your questionnaires intelligent by adapting the sequence of your questions according to the profile of your respondents.

They are useful for gaining precision in your insights and obtaining a better understanding of all your targets.

Include scenarios in your questionnaire

For respondents, scenarios make it possible to crate a tailor-made experience by laying out a logical and contextualised sequence of questions.

In terms of analysis, they allow you to clearly identify the behaviours of the different profiles surveyed, and to easily compare them.

To begin, enter your questions, then go to the "scenarios" tab to define them.

Configure how your scenarios work

Choose the question to which you wish to add a scenario. Select your response items and then define the "is" or "is not" criterion.

For your multiple choice questions, also specify "and" or "or".

Finally, indicate which question the respondent should be directed to or which to skip.

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