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What makes Happydemics unique?
What makes Happydemics unique?
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Our proprietary technology

Happydemics' Brand lift solution is built on a unique technology that enables you to collect the opinions of individuals exposed to your campaigns, across all media: DOOH, CTV, VOL, audio, in-game, display... by asking them directly using surveys delivered in the advertising environment.

This reliable data collection process overcomes the biases of traditional measurements. The data collected is carefully checked and adjusted to match your campaign's audience perfectly.

A trusted third-party

Advertising measurement faces two main challenges:

  • You either get results based on irrelevant indicators (click-through rates, impression volumes, etc.);

  • Or you get results from the same platforms who sell you the advertising space, often with opaque metrics specific to each one of them.

With Happydemics, you get tangible, reliable and transparent results, guaranteed.

The 1st multi-media Brand lift

Happydemics has designed a unique product, enabling you to compare the performance of all your media in a single dashboard.

Analyze all performance by metrics, by media, compare the cost per convert to your campaign by media, maximize your ROI, optimize your future strategies. Measure, compare and optimize the performance of all your campaigns, single-media and multi-media, using the same method.

Our benchmarks by industry, media and budget

Our Brand lift measures the impact of your campaigns using market-leading indicators.

Happydemics has designed a combination of consistent indicators for each campaign objective. By launching your Brand lift with one of these combinations, you get access to our benchmark by industry, media and budget.

You can compare your campaign's performance at a glance against similar campaigns to discover where your strengths are, and quickly identify opportunities to optimize your next campaign.

Exclusive insights

By combining data from our benchmarks and the results of your own Brand lifts, we can deliver insights to optimize your customers' media investments.

These insights enable you to provide your customers with even greater value, thanks to up-to-date, reliable data on market trends, communication opportunities and relevant analyses based on all your Brand lifts.

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