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Happydemics is aimed at all players in the advertising industry, regardless of the geographic areas they operate in.

Using Happydemics as a trusted third party enables companies to address the main challenges facing the advertising industry:

Advertising sales agencies

With Happydemics, advertising sales agencies can provide their agency and advertiser clients with accurate and reliable results on the performance of the campaigns they manage. Exclusive insights and benchmarks by industry, media and budget enable them to share the impact of their systems transparently and provide comprehensive campaign and creative insights.

When repeated over time, advertising sales agencies can strengthen their relationship with their clients through closer communication. As a result, there are more upsell opportunities and higher average baskets.

The exclusive and consistent insights provided by Happydemics enable them to promote the efficiency of their products to the market and their clients.


With Happydemics, programmatic buying solutions can enrich their services by providing clients with new, key metrics for measuring advertising performance, thanks to Brand Lift.

Happydemics' Brand lift can be integrated into DSPs' product offerings, thanks to an API that enables users to activate Brand lift on their own, and receive real-time, automated results on their dashboard. For DSPs, this means they can provide their clients with new optimization capabilities, based on key indicators for measuring advertising performance.

DSPs also enjoy a new revenue opportunity by selling new features on their platform.

Communication agencies

Happydemics makes it easier for agencies to prove the quality and benefits of their expertise to their advertising clients. They can provide clear evidence of the impact of the campaigns they design and deliver.

Exclusive insights and benchmarks by industry, media and budget help them design more cost-effective media plans and campaigns to optimize their clients' communications budgets.

Agencies strengthen their business relationships by communicating results more openly and effectively. Collaborations last longer, and new accounts are easier to secure thanks to tracking results measured by a trusted third party.


With Happydemics, advertisers can measure and track the real impact of their campaigns on consumers. They can assess how each message influences the perception, consideration or purchase intention of their brand or product. This enables marketing teams to produce meaningful metrics that reflect the company's objectives.

Thanks to benchmarks by industry, media and budget, they can easily compare their own results with the best players on the market.

Exclusive insights provided on a regular basis enable them to continuously optimize their strategy to get the most out of their communication budgets.

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