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How are answers from individuals collected?
How are answers from individuals collected?
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How are responses from individuals collected?

We can target 4.8 billion people in 145 countries, seamlessly integrating into advertising environments.

We ensure sample representativeness, audience quality and avoid any behavioral bias thanks to our selection method:

  • Distribution to several pools simultaneously;

  • Quick and engaging surveys;

  • Random, anonymous and unpaid participation;

  • Real-time adjustments to distribution strategies;

  • GDPR-compliant audience providers.

Happydemics' proprietary algorithm ensures data quality. It detects and eliminates data based on text, speed and respondent behavior patterns.

  • Geo-based respondent location verification;

  • Robot identification strategies;

  • Response time and illogic analysis;

  • Respondent deduplication and quarantining.

3 integrated and automated methods for selecting distribution environments.

  • Contextual: based on the target's potential interests;

  • Semantic: based on a list of keywords with relevance determined by an algorithm;

  • Database: based on audience pools with anonymized data (ID).

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