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Brand lift: definition

A Brand lift compares a sample of individuals who remember seeing an advertisement with a control group of individuals who don't remember seeing this advertisement. Brand lift measures the real impact of advertising on a combination of performance indicators relevant to the campaign objective.

The tool meets 3 objectives:

  • Did the ad reach the expected audience (Distribution performance)?

  • Was the ad understood and positively viewed by the audience (Creative review)?

  • What is the real impact of the ad on the exposed individuals? (Generated impact)

To meet these objectives, Happydemics provides a list of standardized indicators.

Brand lift rules

Singlechannel Brand lift

Measure, compare and optimize the performance of all your campaigns, single-media and multi-media, using the same method.

➡️ One Brand lift = One medium/media

A Brand lift analyzes the performance of only one media. In fact, a sample of individuals who have memorized the campaign, per medium, is required to allow a comparison of media performance.

➡️ One Brand lift = One ad creative

The ad creative is shown to respondents at the start of the survey, during the ad recall question "Do you remember seeing/hearing this ad?", to identify individuals who have memorized it.

Only one ad creative asset is shown to each respondent.

If the campaign consists of several creative variants, we recommend using the original or most-played version. For static formats (OOH, display...), you can import a gif featuring different rotating visuals.

⚠️ Note: if you want to compare creative assets to identify the most impactful, you need to run a Brand lift for each creative asset.

➡️ One Brand lift = One method

Happydemics provides several data collection methods: cookie/ID less and

actual exposure. Both methods achieve the same performance analysis objective.

Selecting the right method depends on the medium used and the stage of the advertising campaign when the Brand lift is created on Happydemics. For example: the actual exposure method requires using a pixel at the start of the campaign to collect 300,000 IDs/cookies.

⚠️ Note: a single method must be selected when comparing the efficiency of different media, and therefore of different Brand lifts.

➡️ One Brand lift = One area, one country

A Brand lift is defined for a single area (country, region, city, etc.).

If a campaign is run in several countries or cities, you will need to activate several Brand lifts, one for each geographic area.

⚠️ Note: for multilingual countries (Belgium, Canada...), you must activate 1 Brand lift per language.

➡️ One Brand lift = Up to 90 days of media campaign

A media campaign must not last more than 90 days. Beyond 90 days

Happydemics recommends launching several Brand lifts, one for each 3-month period.

Running several Brand lifts will enable more realistic insights into advertising performance and a comparison of indicators over time.

Multichannel Brand lift

You can launch several Brand lifts for the same advertising campaign, to compare the performance of your different media segments.
The concept ➡️ One Brand Lift = One media remains unchanged, but this new feature lets you launch your measurements all at once, and then compare the performance of all your media directly on your dashboard.
To find out more about how to create a multi-media Brand Lift, click here.
To find out more about how to compare your multi-media Brand lift, click here.

Metric: definition

A metric measures a campaign's performance on a specific objective. A unique question is assigned to each metric, and this question will be asked of the two samples of respondents making up the Brand lift: those exposed to the campaign, and those unexposed.

⚠️ Note: the question assigned to a metric is static, and cannot be customized.

For more information on how to calculate a given metric, read the dedicated article here

Essential templates

With 8 years of expertise and after thousands of Brand lifts activations, Happydemics has created a range of different indicator combinations directly available on Happydemics: the Essential templates.

These templates have been designed to meet the main objectives of advertising communications and measure their performance with consistent indicators: business, drive-to-store, attention, perception, creative, buy-in...

There are many benefits to using these templates:

  • Get a consistent combination and adapted wording, created by Happydemics experts;

  • Compare the results of each indicator with a reliable benchmark, thanks to standardized wording and use;

  • Streamline Brand lift set-up by only having to enter campaign information;

⚠️ Note: the indicator combination per template is static. You cannot delete an indicator or replace it with another.

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