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Where to access the results of my measurement?
Where to access the results of my measurement?
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How to access your Brand lift results?

You can access the results of a completed measurement in different ways:

  • From your measurement list on the platform home page;

  • From the e-mail you received to notify you that your results are available;

  • From the notification center.

Where can you read the results of your Brand lift?

Your completed measurement has 5 tabs:

  • The Overview tab for key information on the Brand lift distribution.

  • The Results tab to analyze your performance on selected KPIs and detailed results to the questions asked. This page allows you to further refine your analysis using auto-generated or customized sub-target filtering and comparison tools. This tab is divided into three sections: Impact score, indicator summary and detailed results.

  • The Benchmark tab, to compare your Brand lift's performance with 15,000 Happydemics benchmarks. This tab lets you freely change the "industry" benchmark displayed to access a more or less refined benchmark. When the benchmark is changed in this tab, it will automatically be updated in the other sections (results, impact score and report). For more information on benchmarks, please read the article "How to read your benchmark results".

  • The Report tab, is an interactive and easy-to-read summary of the Brand lift data, which can be shared by e-mail or as a PDF. For more information on the report, please read the article "What does my Brand lift report include?".

  • The Insights tab for easy access to insights written by our experts and related to the measurement.

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