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How is my report structured?
How is my report structured?
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Structure of the Brand lift report

The Brand lift report is divided into two main sections: creative diagnosis and impact of advertising recall. Depending on the measurement used, a section on distribution performance may also be included.

Creative diagnosis

The creative diagnosis section covers the campaign's performance from a creative standpoint and its perception.

The indicators used allow us to assess the relevance and creative effectiveness of the advertising message, based on the attention people have paid to it. The better the creative diagnosis, the better the performance of the campaign in terms of brand impact.

Advertising recall impact

The impact of advertising recall compares the gaps between the population that has memorized the ad and those that haven't or have never been exposed to it. These differences tell us whether the campaign has had an impact on brand indicators.

Depending on the campaign's objectives, the indicators measured will be different. For example, if the campaign's aim is to increase brand awareness and image, we'll analyze variations in brand perception. If the advertising is meant to trigger a purchase, we'll look at variations in consideration rate and purchase intention.

Distribution performance

Distribution performance measures a campaign's capacity to be seen, to generate recall and to successfully target the desired audience. The recall indicator is key in this section.

Analysis of distribution performance is only available using the actual exposure method, as a recall rate must be recorded.

For more details on the method, please read the article "Brand lift rules".

For more details on methods, please read "Which method to choose".

How to access detailed results?

On each slide of the report, you'll find a link to your results. You can drill down into the results, analyze response details or create different sub-targets. You can also view detailed answers directly on the report slide, by clicking on the eye icon next to the question.

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