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How do I customize my report?
How do I customize my report?
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The Brand lift report is only available on the Happydemics platform, and is dynamically designed to adapt to your needs. It features 3 customization options:

Add your logo

In the "Organization" section of your account settings, upload your logo in png. Only the account admin can change the logo. It will automatically be displayed on the report cover page.

Change benchmark and target

The benchmark and media target can be changed in the report by clicking on "Edit". You can choose whether or not to display this information in the PDF report.

The benchmark and media target can also be changed in the "Results" section. The report will be automatically updated with the new information selected. These will also be displayed in the PDF export.

Add comments

Add comments to each slide of the report. This enables you to share your feedback, opinions or comments on the results. These comments will be visible to all users who will read the report, as well as in the PDF export. The author's name and organization are listed below the comment.

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