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How to set up my platform?
How to set up my platform?
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To set up your Happydemics platform, click on the "Profile" button in the top right-hand corner of the home page.

Personal information

The personal information section allows you to

  • Set the platform language;

  • Upload a photo;

  • Enter your login details (last name, first name, job position and e-mail address);

  • Update password.

⚠️ Note: Passwords are personal and secret. Happydemics does not have access to it. It can be changed in the "Personal information" section or on the login page, by clicking on "Forgot password".


The organization section is divided into three subsections:

  • Information: provided when the organization is created by the admin, this information can only be edited by an admin. This section includes the "Name" and "Logo" fields, displayed in Brand Lift's interactive reports.

    For more information on displaying the logo, please read the article "How to collaborate on a Brand lift report".

  • Members: this section lists all individuals who have access to the organization and the metrics displayed on the home page. Users can be invited from this page or by sending a registration e-mail. Only admins can change a member's status.

For more information on status, please read the "Access management" article.

  • Dedicated contact: your Happydemics Customer Success contact.

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