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Organization access management
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The different statuses

Happydemics lets you add new members to your organization as admins, members or guests.

  • Admins can add new contributors to the organization and assign them the roles of admin or member. Only the admin can remove access to other members or edit organization information.

  • Members have access to all features for setting up measures and inviting other members to join the organization.

  • Guests are external parties who can only access the results of a measurement on which they have been invited to collaborate. They cannot set up a Brand lift. An external guest is only invited to access a specific measure once the results are available.

Manage access to your organization

In the "Members" tab of the "Organization" section, you can :

  • View the list of contributors;

  • Invite new contributors to join your organization;

  • Remove contributors from your organization;

  • Resend an e-mail invitation to anyone who has been invited but has not yet replied;

As an admin, you can also set their status (e.g. switch from member to admin).

Invite a colleague to join your organization

You can add members to your organization. To do so:

  • Click on the "Invite users" icon on the navigation menu on the home page;

  • Enter your colleague's e-mail address;

  • If you're an admin, you can invite this person as a member or as an admin. Move your mouse over the information icon if you need more details on either status;

  • Click on "Invite" to send an e-mail to the person you wish to invite, so they can create an account and join your organization.

Share a measurement with an external guest

With an external guest, you can only share the results of a measurement. To do so:

  • On the measurement page, click on the "Add a guest" icon in the navigation menu;

  • Enter the guest's e-mail address;

  • Click on "Invite" to send an e-mail to the person you wish to invite, so they can access the measurement.

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