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How to track my measurement use?
How to track my measurement use?
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Check your measurement balance

The balance of remaining measurements is visible from the home page, in the top right-hand corner.

By clicking on your balance or going to your Organization settings ("Plan & Usage"), you can access:

  • Measurement balance details, with a table listing your usage;

  • The type of license you have purchased;

  • The validity period of your current license.

⚠️ Note: This breakdown is only visible to admins and organization members.

⚠️ Note: The history of activated measures is displayed only since July 2023. Please contact your CSM for a full report.

Understanding your measurement balance

When you click on "Validate", a measure is subtracted from the subscription plan once it has been configured.

The Brand lift start date has no impact on the measurement balance. Therefore, if you have several measures configured and waiting to be launched, your balance can be 0, as these configured measures are pre-deducted from your plan.

If you change the setup by clicking on "Edit", the credits are re-credited to your balance, and you will need to re-validate the setup for the credits to be deducted.

When you delete a configured Brand lift, the deducted measurement is automatically re-credited to your balance.

All measures displayed on the home page with a "Pending", "Ready for launch", "Collection in progress" or "Completed" status have already been deducted from your balance.

⚠️ Note: 1 Brand Lift = 1 measurement

For more information on Brand lift activations and the measurement count, please read the "Brand lift rules" article.

Boost balance

There are no Boost balances.

Boosts are used on a one-off basis: they are added directly to your Brand lift when you set it up.

Boosts are billed monthly, based on the activated amount, alongside your annual plan (license + pack).

For more information on Boosts, please read the article "Customize your measurement with Happydemics Boosts".

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