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How to understand the Cost per lifted user?
How to understand the Cost per lifted user?
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The Cost per lifted user is a calculated indicator that measures the investment required to "convert" an exposed individual to your campaign. An individual is said to be "converted" when he or she responds positively to attribution (when applicable), as well as to all the indicators related to the campaign's impact on the brand.

This indicator is only available under certain conditions:

  • An Essential template was used for this campaign, containing enough impact indicators* (required to determine the campaign's goal and understand the "convert type" resulting from it).

  • Media Spend has been provided.

  • The number of Unique Impressions has been provided.

  • The measurement was launched using the Actual Exposure method.

*We're talking about the following templates: Standard, Visibility, Business, Perception, Drive-to-store.

This indicator is easy to calculate: First, calculate the total "number of converts" generated by the campaign exposure, then divide the budget spent by this number of "converts".

Mock example below:

The Cost per lifted user can greatly vary depending on the impact indicators used in the measurement, and therefore on the campaign's objectives.

For example, a measurement launched with the Business template for a campaign primarily aimed at generating consideration and purchase intent for the brand will, on average, have a higher CPLU than a campaign launched using the Perception template for a campaign aimed at enhancing brand image

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