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How to compare and filter sub-target results?
How to compare and filter sub-target results?
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You can find the comparison and filtering tool in your Brand lift's left-hand panel of the "Results" tab.

The following sub-targets are created automatically:

  • the "Base" sub-target, including all respondents;

  • ad-recallers and non-ad-recallers using the ad-recall method;

  • ad-recaller exposures, exposures, and non-exposures using the actual-exposure method;

  • the sub-target for additional profiling questions if your Brand lift has been boosted.

By default, ad-recallers and non-ad-recallers are the two sub-targets selected, as they provide you with an at-a-glance view of the uplifts generated by the ad campaign.

To filter the results on another sub-target, simply click on it.

You can change the reference sub-target (the one from which the uplift is calculated) by clicking on the button with the blue arrows.

How to create a new sub-target?

You can also create your sub-targets for a more detailed analysis of your target groups' results. Click on the "Create sub-target" button. A new window will open, where you can select response items to the questions asked.

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