You can't integrate your video file when creating your question with media?

Before adding your video file, make sure that the size of your video is less than 5mo, and that it is in mp4 format, the only format allowed on the platform for video files.

However, if you have difficulties uploading your media, here are some tips to help you:

  • Convert your video file to GIF

  • Reduce the length of your video

  • Modify its speed

  • Compress your video

  • Slightly reduce the quality of your video

All these adjustments can be done easily, quickly and for free using tools such as Convertio, Ezgif, etc., on short videos.

Convert your video file to GIF with Ezgif tool

  1. Upload your file into the dedicated location

  2. Select the modification you want to make to your video file such as: convert to GIF or mp4, speed up, cut audio, etc.

  3. If necessary, choose the part of your video that you want to transform into a GIF. By default, the GIF will correspond to the whole of your video.

  4. Then click on "convert" button to convert your video.

  5. The conversion is done in a few seconds. Once finished, you can download your GIF.

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