The discussion thread is a collaboration tool, allowing you to exchange with members of your organization and your dedicated contacts within Happydemics!

Each discussion is linked to a measure, and remains accessible regardless of its status, which allows you to keep track of all questions and exchanges.

To use the chat:

  1. Access your measure.

  2. Click on the chat bubble located in the navigation bar. A chat pane will open instantly.

  3. Type your message.

With the discussion thread, you have the possibility to :

  • Chat with everyone in your organization, and people invited to collaborate on the project.

  • Send files, videos, images and gifs (mp3, mp4, .csv...)

  • Mention the recipient(s) of your message as follows: @Name or email of your collaborator. Any person mentioned will receive a notification on the platform and by email.

  • Delete or modify the content of a sent message

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