Do I have enough respondents?
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Each Brand Lift collects enough respondents to assess the performance of a campaign, whether measured using the actual exposure method or cookie/ID less.

For a reliable and solid analysis, Happydemics guarantees pools of:

  • 250 exposed individuals and 250 unexposed individuals with the actual exposure method;

  • 150 memo individuals and 150 non-memo individuals with the cookie/ID less method.

Our experts have defined these numbers based on the acceptable error margin for a Brand lift. To ensure proper use of your results, here are a few simple rules:

  • Below 50 respondents per pool, we recommend not drawing any conclusions from the results;

  • Between 50 and 80 respondents, the results should be considered as trends;

  • With 80 or more respondents per target, the results can be considered solid.

This is why 150 memo individuals are more than enough for a Brand lift. However, if you wish, you can add respondents to your Brand Lift. All you need to do is add an audience boost.

⚠️ Note: With actual exposure, a higher number of respondents is required, as the analysis focuses on individuals who have memorized the campaign among the exposed population. However, this data is "random" and depends on the memorization rate of your campaign. This is why a minimum of 300,000 cookies/IDs is required*. The number of exposed individuals who remember depends on the effectiveness of the advertising investment.

*If you do not reach 300,000 cookies/IDs, the measurement will automatically change to Cookie-less/Id-less methodology.

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