New collaborators can join the organization as administrator, member or guest.

  • Administrators can add new collaborators and assign them the role of member or administrator within the organization.

  • Members have been invited by administrators and can in turn add other members to join the organization and add "guests" to access the results of a measure.

  • Guests are external stakeholders, who can only access the results of a measure on which they have been invited to collaborate.

Who joined your organization?

From the "Team" tab, you can:

  1. View the list of collaborators.

  2. Invite new members to join your organization, using the dedicated button.

How Admin or Member can join your organization?

  1. Click on the icon Invite members, located in the navigation bar.

  2. Enter your collaborator's email address.

  3. Click on Invite to send invitation. Your contact will receive an email to create an account and access the platform.

How can you share results with an external guest?

  1. Go to the measure in question

  2. Click on the "+" button located in the navigation bar

  3. Fill in his email address.

  4. Click on validate. The person will receive an email to accept the invitation and access the platform.

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